Ole Aleksander Hofsøy

Key Qualifications

Adaptability - Humanitarian - Teamwork - Personal/Intercultural Communication - Human Rights - Relation Building
Leadership - Project Planning/Management - Digital Photography - Portrait Photography - Image Editing/Retouching
International Relations - Politics - Activism - Volunteering


Relation builder with background in Photography and communication


  • Born and raised in Sarpsborg, Norway.
    • Lived in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. from August 2014 to May 2016
    • Lived in Ifrane, Morocco from August to December 2016
  • Six years experience as a scout
    • Participated in the National Championship in 2005
    • Attended the National Summer Camp Fri:05 where we participated in a simulated role play as refugees seeking asylum
  • Visited South Africa in 2009 as a participant in a cooperative project between St. Olav high school in Norway and Sidlamafa Upper Secondary School in South Africa
    • Nominated for the Youth Peace Prize in Gothenburg, runner-up to the winner
  • Visited Azerbaijan twice (2011 & 2012) on a school trip to meet representatives from Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprise
  • Student leader of the Peace Committee at American College of Norway
  • Practising photography since 2007
    • Studied photography for more than a year
  • Volunteering experience from the 2016 primary elections in the U.S.


    Ole was an active member of the ACN/Nobel Peace Prize Forum peace project, a global project that focused on how implicit cognition affects our decision-making (i.e. how our subconscious can lead us to make unintentional, unethical decisions based on our implicit associations with race, age, gender, etc). Ole was chosen, together with one other student, to co-lead a virtual break-out session at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum on this topic.
    — Becky Norvang, International Student Advisor at American College of Norway


    • North Park University: Global Studies (B.A.), GPA 3.62014-16
      Minor: Middle Eastern Studies
      Capstone: "Germany, Norway & Islam: Framing the Modern Enemy - Rise of Islamophobia Seen in the Context of Media, Politics and Sociopolitical Organizations"
      Portfolio: (Link - .pdf document)

    • Al Akhawayn University: Exchange Program, GPA 3.78, 2016
      Study abroad experience from North Park University, part of the Global Studies program. Courses on the Arab world, Islam and political geography.

    • American College of Norway: General Studies, 2013-14
      First year of bachelor in the American university system, developed to ease the transition to an institution in the U.S. through offering general education courses.

    • Danvik Folkehøgskole: Photography, Culture & Event Management

      • 2011-12: Program designed to prepare students for work and studies on photography, with both practical and theoretical training in the field. Organized three exhibiton; two on campus and one in the city. For two of the exhibitions, I held the position of mediator between the different groups and committees while being in control of the progress. Was also a part of the group building walls, decorating and setting up the exhibitions.

      • 2012-13: Program designed to prepare students for work and studies in event management, working with multiple types of events, including concerts, social events on campus and a fundraising campaign for the Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprise. Held position as field planner for the fundraising campaign, and was a committee member, head of marketing and execution for one of the social events on campus.


    • Norwegian Red Cross: Fundraiser, 03.2017-08.2017
      Donor recruitment through canvassing. Responsible for informing about Norwegian Red Cross projects, statistics and current events related to the organization's work, as well as registering new donors.

    • Østfoldmuseene, Halden Historiske Samlinger: Host,
      05.2016-08.2016 & 05.2017-09.2017

      Responsible for admitting guests, sales (books and merchandise) and guided tours in the war-historical museum at Fredriksten Festning.

    • Danvik Folkehøgskole: Social Worker, 08.2012-05.2013
      Social work with responsibilities for planning and organizing social events, as well as assisting teacher and students both in and outside classroom environments. Lead a film club during the fall semester and co-lead a weekly swimming session as an elective course during the spring semester. Was also a student in the culture and event management program.

    • Peterson Emballasje AS: Substitute & Machine Operator,

      Registration of documents, archiving, production of packaging, recurring temporary employment.

    Volunteer experience

    • Månefestivalen, Supervisor (ticket exchange). 2017
      Set up and supervised the ticket exchange where attendees received wristbands for the festival. Made schedules for the volunteers, organized the booth and instructed volunteers on routines and responsibilities. Closest contacts were the Chief of Ticket Exchange and Chief/Supervisor for volunteers.

    • Tons of Rock (2015-17), ticket exchange & security
      Primarily responsible for exchanging wristbands for entry to attendees with tickets. Second year I volunteered as security, overseeing the around around one of the stages and reporting serious incidents to the professional security.

    • Østfoldmuseene (2017), maintenance
      Moving items, cleaning and organizing of storage areas.

    • Norwegian Wood (2015) & Oslo Pride (2015), maintenance:
      General maintenance on the festival area.