My name is Ole Hofsøy. I am a photographer, blogger, relationship builder and activist from Sarpsborg, Norway. Welcome to "my home"!

After studying media (photography) and event management, I headed to Chicago, USA to study international studies. After two years in the windy city and six months in the coldest city in Morocco (and on the African continent), I found my way back to where it all started. I am currently located in rural environments a short drive outside the city of Sarpsborg.

As a photographer, my speciality is working with portraiture in natural lights and environments. This allows me to capture the true essence of those I photograph without keeping them in a confined and unnatural setting. I also work to maintain appropriate standards for professional photography as set by the premise of the shoot.

"My home" (this website) is a collection of several of my interests and passions, and will not only cover my passion for photography, but also my interest for humanitarian and contemporary sociopolitical issues. In addition to my portfolio, you this website host two blogs, one in English and one in Norwegian. You will find my resume below, in which you can view some of my non-photography work.

Thank you for visiting!